How to connect HP printer to Apple laptop?

Apple has given many laptops i.e. MacBook and MacBook Pro in the market. Apple provides at least 3 USB ports in their laptop that you can use to connect HP Printer. Mac OS in Apple laptop comes with Pre-installed software and drivers for many printers so that the user doesn’t need to download any additional software to connect HP Printer with Apple Laptop. When you will successfully connect HP Printer with your Apple laptop, it will automatically detect the printer, whenever you want to connect it.


Read this blog if you want to get into the details “how you can connect HP Printer to Apple laptop” or you can call on Hp Printer Customer Service Number.


Steps to connect HP Printer to Apple laptops:


If you want to experience an amazing printing work, connect HP Printer to your Apple laptop. To connect HP Printer you can follow some simple steps and you will be able to do it:


Step 1. Open your MacBook i.e. Apple laptop and go to “Menu”. Then click on software update. This will sure you if your computer needs a printer software update.


Step 2. Connect HP Printer with the Apple laptop by the USB cable attached in HP Printer.


Step 3. Steer to “Apple” menu and in the upper left corner of the screen and select “System Preferences”, then click on the option “Print & Fax”.


Step 4. Click on the Lock icon in the lower left corner to unlock it, then enter an administrator username and the password in the appeared dialog box.


Step 5. Now to add your printer in Apple laptop, click on the “plus” icon right below the “Printers” menu. On the left side of the screen.


Step 6. Select the name of your printer in the list and click on “Add”.


If you are using a smart HP Printer you can choose to connect that by Bluetooth also. In case you face any issue while the connecting process, ring the bell of Hp Printer Customer support team and get a long-lasting solution of your problem. This service is 24X7 available for HP Printer users. The team of experts, who are extremely experienced in giving a solution to HP Printer problem will talk to you and try to give you a suitable solution for your problem.


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